Steps to send an existing Google Doc for eSignature:

  1. Choose How to Send the Document
  2. Complete Send New Document Page
  3. Send Document for Signature

Choose How to Send the Document

You can send an existing Google Doc for signature either from the eSign Docs tab or a related object’s record. If you send it from the eSign Docs tab, you will need to complete all fields in the Send New Document page manually. If sending it from a related object’s record, the eSign Doc will automatically be related to this record. See the Basic Configuration article for more information about relating objects to the eSign Doc object.

To Send from the eSign Docs Tab:

  • Click the eSign Docs tab
  • Click the New button

To Send from a Related Object’s Record:

  • Open the related object’s record
  • Go to the eSign Docs related list
  • Click the New button

This will open the Send New Document Visualforce page, which provides the fields and options listed in the table below.

Complete Send New Document Page

Field Description
Google Doc Id Google Doc ID of the document you want to send for signature.

  • Sharing settings for the Google Doc file should be set to Anyone with the Link can View in order to send for signature.
  • If you are looking at your Google Doc URL, the ID is the text after and before /edit.
Send From Picklist to specify the sender.

  • Current User – By default the sender of the document is set to the current user (which is typically the eSign Doc owner).
  • Org Wide Email Address – If you have an org wide email address already configured in your Salesforce org, the sender can also be set as an org wide email address.
Send To Picklist to select whether to send the document to a Contact (default value) or a Lead.
Send To Contact If Contact is selected then this lookup field will be displayed. Select the specific recipient in your Salesforce org via the lookup icon.
Send To Lead If you’ve chosen to send the document to a Lead, this lookup field will be displayed. Select the specific recipient in your Salesforce org via the lookup icon.
Email To Name
Email To
If you did not select a Contact/Lead record, then type in the name of a person to whom the document will be sent. Type the full name in this field and then use their email address in the “Email To” field below it.
CC Enter any other email addresses separated by a comma that you wish to CC on this email.
Witness Required Checkbox that specifies if a witness is required.
Require Second Signer Checkbox that specifies whether a signature from an additional signer is required.
Countersign Method Picklist to specify whether this document must be countersigned by someone at the company after it is signed by the recipient.

  • No Countersign Needed – Select if no countersignature is required (Default).
  • Countersign Required – Select to require a countersignature.
  • Auto Countersign – Allows you to automatically countersign the document after it’s signed by the recipient.
Countersigned By User If either Countersign Required or Auto Countersign is selected as the countersign method, then use this lookup field to specify the Salesforce user who must countersign the document.
Email Template Search box that provides all email templates in the org. Selected template is used as the email’s body and should contain merge code to the eSignature link. The Subject and Body from the email template will be populated. You can use the button “Email Preview” to preview the email with the fields merged.
Subject Subject of the email. If an email template was not selected, you can enter an email subject.
Body Body of the email. If an email template was not selected, you can type the email body manually here (as plain text, or paste HTML code). If you choose this option, make sure you have the eSignature link {!esign__Document__c.esign__eSign_Link__c} merged somewhere in the email body so that it includes the link for the recipient to click and sign the document. You can add this link however you want, for example as a hyperlink or with an image button that opens the link.
Disable Comment Checkbox that specifies whether the comment feature should be disabled on the document.
Related Records All related objects are listed in this section. If you’re sending the document from a related object’s record, it will be pre populated. Otherwise, you can select a record to relate to the document.

  • See the Basic Configuration article for steps to relate the eSign Doc object to another object.

Send for Signature

After clicking the Send for Signature button, an email is sent to the recipient and the page redirects to the eSign Doc record that was just created. See the recommended articles listed below for more information.

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