If your eSign process needs to have a second signer, you can utilize the second signer feature with A5 Signature app. Before using the feature, check that the following eSign Doc fields have been added to the page layout:

  • Signer 2 Name
  • Signer 2 Title
  • Signer 2 Company
  • Signer 2 Email
  • Signer 2 Signed
  • Signer 2 IP Address
  • Signer 2 Email Template
  • Signer 2 Link
  • Signer 2 Signature Image URL
  • Signer 2 Status
  • Witness Required – Add this field if you may also want to use the Witness Required feature.

When you create a new eSign Doc record, you will set the Require Second Signer field to Yes. If there will be a second signer required each time, consider configuration of Salesforce automation to set the value of this field each time an eSign Doc record is created.

The following fields will then appear for you to complete: Signer 2 Name, Signer 2 Email, Signer 2 Email Template. The app comes with a default email template Send for eSignature to Signer 2 which you can use or create your own email template . If using A5 Signature with A5 Documents for full automation, you could specify the Signer 2 details and email template Id within the related Document Action.