If your eSign process needs to have a second signer in addition to signer 1 (plus countersigner if applicable), you can utilize the second signer feature with A5 Signature app. Please see steps below to use this feature:

  1. First make sure you add the available fields on eSign doc page layout for Signer 2 fields: Signer 2 Name, Signer 2 Title, Signer 2 Company, Signer 2 Email, Signer 2 Signed for date/time field, Signer 2 IP Address, Signer 2 Email Template, Signer 2 Link, Signer 2 Signature Image URL, signer 2 status and witness required if you may also want to use this feature (see more detail of witness signer feature in this article).
  2. When you create a new eSign doc, you will see a new field called “require second signer” which you will want to update to “yes” in that field after eSign doc is created and can setup a workflow/process builder to set this field to “yes” picklist value each time an eSign doc is created if there will be a second signer required each time.
  3. After you select “yes” under second signer on eSign doc, you will see a new field populate for email template to select from search text box that you will send to the witness/signer 2. We have included example email template “send for eSignature to signer 2” if you would like to use that example template to send to the witness that includes eSign link as an image button.
  4. See example screenshot 1 below of Require Second Signer field set to Yes and email template selected for second signer:
  5. You can also specify the signer 2 details and email template ID within the related document action if using A5 Signature for full automation with A5 Documents app. And ensure you add all related fields for second signer to document action page layout.
  6. After email is sent, the eSign link is sent to the signer 1 recipient and they will sign as normal and then signer 2 will receive eSign link using whatever email you specified to them to sign the document as normal just like signer 1.
  7. After recipient 1 signs the document, the Salesforce user who originally sent the eSign doc to signer 1 will receive an internal notification which will include link to eSign doc to let them know signer 1 has signed the document.
  8. Once the document is signed by signer 1 and the second signer (and countersigner if applicable), the signed PDF will be emailed to all signers and attached to related eSign doc within your Salesforce org.
  9. NOTE ON WITNESS FEATURE: You will also see the field “witness required” on eSign doc if you want to use that feature which works a little different than signer 2 and these features cannot be used together for the same eSign doc. The difference with witness required is that the field will need to be set to “yes” after eSign doc is created (or field set to yes with workflow or PB when new eSign doc is created) and if this field is set to yes, the same field “signer 2 email template” will pop up and you can use same template we included “send for eSignature to signer 2.” Then when signer 1 receives the email to sign the document, they will specify who the witness is for that document and detail witness full name and email address. And then witness will receive an email to sign the document as normal. I
    1. f you do not plan to use the witness feature, you do not need to have the field “witness required” on eSign doc page layout.