1. Please contact us if you would like a free 30 minute demo of the app shown in our demo org: support@a5-apps.com.  If you would like more of a training session to get you started using the app, we offer this as a premium support service which you can purchase estimated amount of support hours in advance.
  2. Go to the AppExchange profile for A5 Signature to install the app into your Salesforce org.
    1. If you are using Salesforce Professional Edition, you will need to submit a case to Salesforce support to get your API enabled (NOTE: Salesforce may quote you additional cost to enable API in Professional edition). A5 Signature app will not work without API enabled.
  3. Click the Get It Now green button.
    Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 2.35.42 PM
  4. Follow the steps prompted to install the package in Production or Sandbox org.
  5. We recommend installing for use by all users instead of just Admins if you intend to have used by all/most users.  Otherwise you need to adjust permissions later for all other profiles. Once you click to install, a notification will pop up asking you to “Approve Third-Party Access….Website: accept.today SSLEncrypted” which you will want to check the box “Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites” to continue with install.
    1. ‘Accept.today’ is the domain we use for A5 Signature app and this step authorizes the connection in your Salesforce.
      Accept.today (2)
  6. After the app is installed you can add the tab “eSign Docs” to your top tabs if you want.  Or click on “+” icon on right of tab bar, then click on the eSign Configuration tab.
  7. Click the “Grant Access” button and then click ‘Allow’ on the next page.  This connects your Salesforce org with the A5 Signature app so we can display documents you send for signature and update the signature status in your Salesforce.
    1. NOTE: Whoever grants access to the app should remain an active user and have a system administrator profile type (or all proper permissions to app package components and any objects/fields in use with app).
    2. NOTE: If you see “eSign Server error” when trying to grant access to the app, please review this article for more detail.
  8. Enter an admin email into the Alert Email field and click Save.  These are email alerts when there is an error processing a signature save outside of Salesforce.