Full Error Message:
eSign server error. Recipient Sign View. Error occurred when updating document with EncodedId (e79e6d02-f6b0-43ba-8690-10850db7b4cb) open date in salesforce.

App Expert Reply:
– The encoded ID is referring to an attachment ID of an eSign Doc record in your Salesforce org.
– In this specific error message, it is referring to not being able to update the “open date” field in Salesforce though you may see a similar error message referring to another field.
– Use global search in Salesforce and search for encoded ID ‘e79e6d02-f6b0-43ba-8690-10850db7b4cb’ the search should show up the eSign doc with that EncodedId.
– By viewing the eSign user can analyze if anything is wrong with it and can view activity history.
– If the search doesn’t find the eSign, then it could be a test eSign that maybe you created and then deleted. Now the service is trying to update an eSign record that is no longer in the system, so giving an error.

  • Check that you have latest package installed from AppExchange.