1. You may see this error message when trying to click “Grant Access” under the eSign Configuration tab.
  2. Reasons for the error could be:
    1. Salesforce edition is Professional edition and does not have API enabled. Having API enabled is required to use the A5 Signature app. You could submit a case to Salesforce support to ask them to enable it (they may quote you an additional cost to enable this with Salesforce) or use the app in another Salesforce edition that has API enabled. If you already have API enabled or not using Professional edition, error could be caused by one of the other reasons listed below.
    2. Check your “Session Settings” and make sure these two fields are unchecked: “Lock Sessions to the IP Address from which they originated” and “Lock Sessions to the domain in which they were first used.” Once these fields are unchecked and settings saved, see if error is now resolved.
    3. Salesforce user that is trying to authorize the app does not have proper user permissions to authorize the app. Typically an admin user or user with proper permissions to app package components should authorize the app.