1. If Counter Sign Method was set to “Auto Counter Sign” then after Recipient signs the document it will be automatically counter signed.
  2. If Counter Sign Method was set to “Counter Sign Required”, then user who needs to counter sign will be notified with link to counter sign.
    1. When the user clicks on the link it will redirect them to Salesforce eSign record page.
    2. Then the user should click the button “Counter Sign” at the top.
  3. Once the document is counter signed by either method, then the eSign Doc Signature Status will be changed to “Signed”.
  4. The recipient will be emailed a PDF copy of the document to the email address they populated when signing the eSignature document.
  5. The app will append electronic signature information to the bottom of the document.
  6. The PDF is also attached to the eSign Doc record and will show under the Notes & Attachments related list. There is option to generate a File instead of attachment if using Lightning Experience, you just need to check the box on eSign doc layout to “Attach Signed PDF as File.” Or you can create a workflow or process builder to set this value to checked each time eSign doc record is created.
  7. Optional Advanced Configuration if using A5 Signature with A5 Documents app: You can merge an image of counter-signer signature image into google doc template so that when the recipient decides to use feature to draw their signature, then the counter-signer signature image will already be there.