1. When the app is installed a new object called “eSign Doc” is created to track all of the documents you send for signature and their status.
  2. You can relate the eSign Doc to any Standard or Custom object you want in Salesforce.
  3. You should decide which object(s) the eSign Doc should be related to. This would allow you to send a document related to the Opportunity, for example a Proposal or Contract. If working with the standard objects Account, Contact, or Opportunity you do not need to create additional lookup field as we have already related them to the eSign object with the installed package.
  4. To related eSign Doc to another object other than Account, Contact, Opportunity, or Work Order, go to Setup -> Create -> Objects -> select “eSign Doc” object -> create a new custom field “Lookup field type” with the lookup relationship to the object you want to relate it to, for example Quotes.
  5. Modify page layout of the object you are relating sSign Doc to.
    1. Select “Page Layouts” and click Edit next to layout you wish to add eSign Doc to.  In this example, Opportunity.
    2. Select Related Lists, locate and add eSign Docs to the layout.
    3. Without leaving edit mode, scroll down to the related list you just added, click on wrench icon to modify related list properties.
    4. From Available Fields list move the following into Selected Fields list: Document ID, Created Date, Email Opened, Document Opened, Recipient Signed, Signature Status, Doc Link.  Then sort by Created Date descending.
    5. Optional Settings – You can add a new section to eSign doc layout to be called “Optional Settings” or “Optional Parameters” and then drag the following fields under this section:
      1. Title & Company Not Required – If your recipient does not have a title or company or you do not want them to include this information when signing the document, you have option to check this box on eSign doc so these fields will not show when they are signing the document. They will only need to enter their name and populate email address for signed PDF copy to be sent too.
      2. Language – English is default app language though there is also option for French. There is a picklist field on eSign doc where you can update the value to French if you have French speaking customers. You will need to update the value of field on eSign doc record after it is created and before recipient signs document. There is an option to change the language back to English if needed, click the link in top right corner to change from “EN/FR.” Or you can change the language to French by clicking the language option link “FR” in top right corner even if the language value is not populated on eSign doc.
      3. Attach Signed PDF as File – If using Lightning Experience and/or prefer using Files over Notes & Attachments, you can check this box on eSign doc record to generate a File instead of Attachment. Make sure you have the Files related list on your eSign doc page layout. If using both related lists for Notes & Attachments and Files, you will see the File PDF shown under both sections when working with Files though you can also remove the Notes & Attachments related list from your layout.
      4. Merge Signature Fields – This feature is only available if using A5 Signature with our A5 Documents app. For more detail on this feature, see section below Merge Signature Fields.
      5. Hand Signature Required – You have the option to require a drawn signature from your signing recipient if needed. There is a checkbox field on eSign doc record that you can check after created if you would like to force this type of signature. The signer will receive an error notification saying “Please draw your signature” if they try to click “Accept and Sign” without drawing their signature.
        Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 2.40.48 PM
      6. Hide Hand Signature – In addition to making hand signature required, you have option to hide this feature entirely. There is a checkbox field on the eSign doc record called “Hide Hand Signature,” that you can check after created if you would like to hide this option of signature.
      7. OPTIONAL WORKFLOW: By default these fields are not checked on eSign doc record once created and default language is English so you need to manually check the field after document is sent for signature and before the recipient signs the document. You can also create a Workflow or Process Builder to set the value to checked or English each time a new eSign doc record is created.
        Optional Settings (3)
  6. Repeat steps for any other object you want to relate the eSign Doc to.
  7. Now you are ready to use the app.