Salesforce User who sent document (typically eSign doc owner) will be sent an internal notification when document is signed by recipient with existing email template/workflow that comes with installed package “Document Signed by Recipient.”

  1. The workflow rule “Document Signed by Recipient” needs to be active in order for eSign process to work and generate eSign doc. You can also create a new workflow if you do not want to use existing actions in this managed workflow “Document Signed By Recipient” that comes with installed package. Make sure to activate any new workflow and deactivate those that are not in use.
  2. After the eSign doc is signed, there are two emails created and sent: One to internal Salesforce user who owns the eSign doc and second to the recipient signer whose email is populated when signing the eSign doc via email or by “eSign link” from eSign doc record in Salesforce.
  3. Internal email notification with template “Document Signed By Recipient:” This email will be sent first to the eSign doc owner and this is an internal notification that will include a link to the eSign doc record in Salesforce that user can click on to check signed status and see signed PDF attached in record. The email template is stored under the workflow rule “Document Signed by Recipient” > Immediate Workflow Actions > Type is Email Alert and Description “Email to document owner.” You can edit this workflow immediate action for the SF user who will receive the email or add addiitonal email recipients under this email action. If you want to make any edits to the email template itself, you can click on email alert “Email to document owner” and you will see this internal email template “Document Signed by Recipient” stored under “Rules using this email alert” within the email workflow action.
    1. You can edit the email template to merge additional detail or add more internal users to email notification.
    2. Or you could create a new email template to use in workflow rule if you do not want to use the one we provide and can include the field that will link back to eSign: {!esign__Document__c.Link} somewhere in body of template and refer to  Configuring Email Templates section below for additional instruction on formatting merge fields.
    3. You could  also “remove” this rule if you do not want an internal email notification when a document is signed.
  4. External email notification with template “Document Signed Notification:” This email will be sent to the signer with a PDF attachment to the email used when signing the document.
    1. There is currently a default email notification that the app is using to notify the Signer of a completed document, it’s called “Document Signed Notification.” This email template is used to notify the signer of document and the subject says “Document Signed Copy” and the body of email says “Attached is a copy of the document you signed.” And the email will include PDF format copy of final signed documents, including countersign signatures if applicable. This email is being sent through our app Apex code so you cannot modify this existing email template.
    2. You do have the option to create a different template to notify the signer of completed document. To do this, you need to create a new email template with the merge fields you want (with merged field logic described configuring email templates KB article) and then setup a workflow to set the value of eSign Document Signed Email Template field on eSign Doc object to the Salesforce ID of the email template that you just created.  Evaluate The Rule can be set to Create and “true” for criteria to make sure it always set.  But you can also place logic around workflows to use different email templates depending on the document being signed such as the name of the document or the object it is related to etc.
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