This article provides an overview of the sequence of events that happen after a document is sent for signature, with the workflow rule called Document Signed by Recipient set as active. This workflow rule comes with the A5 Signature installed package. Alternatively, you can deactivate this workflow and create your own if you would like to customize these actions.

Email Sent

An email is sent to the recipient and an eSign Doc record is created with a Signature Status of Sent. If there is a second signer, the Signer 2 Status field is set to Required.

Email Opened

When the recipient opens the email, then the Email Opened field will be updated with the date/time they opened the email. The Signature Status will be changed to Delivered.

Document Opened

When the recipient clicks the link/button in the email body, this opens a unique web page that displays the Google Doc for review. The Signature Status automatically changes to Opened and the date/time is recorded in the Document Opened field.

Document Signed

Once the recipient fills in the required fields and signs, they click the Accept Signature button. The Signature Status automatically changes to Signed and the date/time is recorded in the Recipient Signed field.

If there is a second signer, the document is then sent to the second signer and Signer 2 Status field changes to Sent. Once they sign, the Signer 2 Status field changes to Signed and date/time is recorded in the Signer 2 Signed field.

Notification Sent

After the eSign Doc is signed, Two email notifications are sent:

    1. Internal Email Notification – Sent to Salesforce user who owns the eSign document; includes a link to the eSign Doc record. Uses the email template Document Signed by Recipient Email Notification. 
    2. External Email Notification – Sent to each signer; includes PDF copy of signed document as attachment. Uses the email template Document Signed Notification.


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