Electronic documents and signatures are legally binding for nearly every business or personal transaction around the world. A5 Signature enables you to electronically sign while exceeding the requirements of the ESIGN Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act in the United States (see this PDF article for more detail), in addition to other national laws worldwide where electronic signatures are recognized.

How does A5 Signature help meet legal requirements?
A5 Signature has been developed to meet the legal requirements of the U.S. ESIGN Act and other country laws, by allowing users to:

  • Verify signer identity/location with recording IP address 
  • Confirm signer intent to sign electronically
  • Link signatures to signers and documents
  • Record all important document and signature activities within Salesforce
  • Allow ongoing, secure access to A5 Signature documents within Salesforce
  • Transfer and store signed documents securely to Salesforce in non-editable PDF

A5 Signature provides the proof for legally-binding electronic signatures:

For each document, A5 Signature automatically generates and stores a time-stamped history of the send, view, and sign actions within Salesforce. We also record the signed name, email, and IP Address of the signer. This information is captured in the eSign Doc record within Salesforce that is generated for every eSignature transaction. 

Statement on HIPAA Compliance:

A5 Apps is not storing any documents you send for signature using the A5 Signature app. All the documents are in your google drive and then within your Salesforce org so you can configure these platforms for HIPAA compliance. You can review this article on Google Platform security and the app also goes through rigorous security review to be published on Salesforce AppExchange

While the document is out for signature, that google document is available to anyone that has the long unique link (this most likely not related to HIPPA).  Everything is under https and encrypted. And all documents are stored in your own google drive. Signed documents are then transmitted securely as PDF directly into your Salesforce org and can only be accessed by assigned users to A5 Signature app.

In terms of HIPAA compliance, we securely transmit encrypted documents and are considered a conduit. You will want to focus the HIPAA compliance on Salesforce and Google since that is where your documents are stored. Both platforms are able to be HIPAA compliant under your own accounts with them.

If you need this information in a PDF document, please contact Support to request to be emailed PDF format copy.